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Kerstin Peters

It is all about art...


Welcome to my home page. You will find the latest business information on this page. The page will be updated on a bi-monthly basis.



What's new:



This year, I decided to collaborate with some amazing women to offer some new events that combine their skills with mine. The first event is a collaboration with my friend Marie Smith. We have created an interactive workshop to connect and share with other women who are facing the Empty Nesters’ transition, including those that are already familiar with the gap in their lives as well as those who are preparing for this challenging chapter.


In addition, I still offer my monthly “Creativity & Me” workshops and in April, a painting party at my house.


For more information about these events please go to TEACHING.


On February 20, my friends Janis Fulton, Hélène Martin and I hung some larger paintings at the Residence Royal Gardens in Orleans. As we paint together often, I am very happy that we finally have another exhibition together.


To follow my day to day news please go to


If you would like more information about my painting world, I encourage you to subscribe to my monthly newsletter which is published on the last Wednesday of every month. It contains the latest information about what I have been up to during the month, a first glimpse at new paintings, a listing of shows and exhibition, as well as my teaching schedule. You can subscribe at the bottom of every page on my website.


Every Friday afternoon, I publish my latest blog. To get back into a creative routine after the holidays, I started my Creativity Challenge again.  As for the past two years, my goal is to create something every day, even if it is just for a duration of 15 minutes. To read my weekly blog, you can either go to or directly to There you can subscribe to an automatic delivery of my blog to your inbox. If you missed a blog, you can find all the previous blogs online.


If you are looking for greeting cards for many occasions, please browse my online store at You can personalize the text of every card.


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at for any question you have about courses, workshops, painting materials or other painting related questions.



Everyone is creative. Let me help you discover and nurture your creative side.





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